iPhone-carrying bra is no bust

There's no longer a need to ever separate from your phone, even when getting jiggy on the dance floor. The kids still say "jiggy," right?

Forget accidental pocket calls, that next loud late-night call could be coming from your girl's armpit. Joeybra

Some of us are slaves to technology while others are slaves to fashion, but for those of us who are indentured to both, this iPhone-carrying bra could be the path to liberation. Even if, like me, you don't possess an iPhone or breasts, it's still a wonder to behold.

Dubbed the JoeyBra -- as in baby kangaroo, because they have pouches, get it? -- it was created by two entrepreneurial business students at the University of Washington who saw great potential for growth in the pocketed bra market. At least, that's the pitch. In reality, a pair of students in search of a way to party without having to detach from their phones or accessorize their best bar-hopping gear came up with one. And that's no snark -- here's how they put it on their Web site:

Inspired by UW's vibrant Greek system, JoeyBra was created for women who are constantly on the go and struggle to find a place to put their ID, keys, or phones. From our own personal experience, we know that women hate taking purses to dances, bars, or dance clubs. Leaving these items at home can pose a safety risk, but with JoeyBra women will never have to worry losing or damaging their valuables again.

The college juniors claim the pocketed bra can hold an iPhone along with ID, credit cards and even keys, regardless of bust size. In that case, perhaps it is worth taking a closer look at an unconventional new addition to my wardrobe. If only they could combine the concept with this nifty Angry Birds brassiere, it might just produce the perfect undergarment.

(Via Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

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