iPhone 5 unboxing photos leak out ahead of launch

Days ahead of when the iPhone 5 is due out in stores, photos of the box it comes in have leaked out.

The inside of Apple's next iPhone box.
The inside of Apple's next iPhone box. BGR

The iPhone 5 doesn't hit stores until this Friday, though photos of its insides have already hit the Web.

The insides of the box it comes in, that is.

Boy Genius Report today posted just three photos of Apple's latest iPhone model getting unboxed, a time-honored gadget tradition.

Inside are few surprises -- short of just how much space Apple's EarPods and their carrying case take up compared with the USB wall plug and new USB-to-Lightning cable. Apple released the EarPods as a standalone product last week, and now includes them as a standard accessory on the iPhone and its two new iPod models.

Apple has what some consider to be an obsession with the packaging of its products, reportedly devoting an entire room at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters where designers open product boxes one after another. Apple has even gone after competitors like Samsung for copying the look and feel of the packaging -- something the company considers a part of its image.

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