iPhone 5 spoof video features a 795 percent taller screen

The iPhone 5's most noticeable new hardware feature gets the ribbing it's been asking for in a video that explores the great lengths Apple has gone to for its latest smartphone.

iPhone 5 spoof
This iPhone screen goes beyond 11. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

It's the logical next step in iPhone development: a much, much, much longer screen. It's 18 percent thinner and 795 percent taller than the previous iPhone. A parody video has popped up on YouTube to tout the phone's ability to reduce "scrolling fatigue" and offer full-body FaceTime.

The video, called "A Taller Change Than Expected" comes from YouTube comedy troupe Satire, makers of the "We're NASA and We Know It" video. NASA Mohawk Guy , complete with stars in his hair, makes a cameo appearance rocking his extra-long iPhone 5 as a guitar.

With an iPhone 5 of such great proportions, we're treated to truly panoramic photography, amazing reception, and a lightsaber app that rivals the real thing in size. With smartphones screens growing all the time, this might not be the most far-fetched idea in the world.

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