iPhone 5 battery 'a perfect fit' among other leaked parts

Major part leaks for the next iPhone, including the battery and inside casing are "a perfect fit" according to an online repair company.

What could be the iPhone 5's battery inside parts that could also belong to the device. A repair company says they're a "perfect fit."
What could be the iPhone 5's battery inside parts that could also belong to the device. A repair company says they're a "perfect fit." iResq

We've seen battery packs, and even rear casings for what could very well be Apple's next iPhone, and now you can see both those things (along with other internal goodies) put together.

Repair site iResQ once again has posted what it says are leaked replacement parts for the unannounced, unreleased Apple device. That includes the rear casing, along with what looks to be the same battery pack that cropped up last month. iResQ has put the two pieces together, which you can see in the photo on the right.

"Along with all of the other parts that we have already assembled, we have placed the iPhone 5's battery where we think it will fit. And guess what, it is a perfect fit yet again," the company said in a blog post spotted by MacRumors.

Of note, the leaked battery sports a 3.8 volt, 5.45 watt-hour runtime versus the 3.7 volt, 5.3 watt-hour found on Apple's current iPhone models. That's an important consideration given wide reports of a larger screen and the addition of 4G LTE networking, both of which are expected to draw more power. The site adds that the connectors for both batteries are different, and that Apple switched the location of the connector on the newer pack.

The purportedly leaked parts are just the latest in a series from iResQ and others that show off the next iPhone inside and out. An earlier post from iResQ showed off the same rear with the addition of a rumored smaller docking port and headphone jack assembly. More recently there was a video of what was said to be a fully-assembled prototype being turned on, but not loading up to the iPhone's home screen.

Apple is largely expected to debut the hardware at its news event next week. The company sent out invites earlier today.

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