iPhone 4S gets creamed by huge truck, keeps ticking

The sadistic-abuse-of-iOS-devices meme continues with some suburban hijinx in the name of self-promotion.

It's a bad day for this iPhone... Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

My favorite meme from 2011? The sadistic game of marketing one-upsmanship between iPad and iPhone cover makers who subject iOS devices to increasingly shocking forms of abuse.

This year we saw Apple products dipped in lava , dropped from cranes and planes and now--run over by automobiles.

Not to be outdone--lots of those airborne iOS devices landed on the grass, after all--Optrix set out to prove the ruggedness of its own iPhone case. Naturally, the whole violent ordeal was filmed and handed to a PR firm, which thinks CNET's readers "will get a kick out of it." I'm afraid I agree.

In the video embedded below, a brave iPhone 4S is popped into an Optrix HD Sport Mount case and tossed from a second-story window onto a concrete driveway so charmingly suburban it makes me ill with flashbacks to a youth wasted in 7-Elevens and Taco Bell drive-thrus.

It survives five jarring drops, but the superboss of this brutal level of abuse is a really big Dodge truck. Watch for yourself to see how the duo fares.

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