iPhone 4: What now?

Sony launches a line of HD camcorders with interchangeable lenses, Google creates a site to help you get your fiber, and Apple plans a Friday event to discuss the iPhone 4.


When Apple holds its press conference regarding iPhone 4 on Friday, we will either get a lesson in publicity or a lesson in humility. The company is known for being great at one and not so great at the other. I'll let you guess which is which.

Consumer Reports dealt Apple a painful blow this week when the publication decided it could not recommend the iPhone 4 due to antenna and reception issues. We came up with the same resultsin our tests. This is not something Apple can be flippant about, but the company is in uncharted territory given that they are not used to having to make apologies.

I won't attempt to predict how Apple will handle this performance problem. A recall seems a little extreme and I don't need a mea culpa out of the mouth of Steve Jobs. I would just like a little authenticity in communication from a company that doesn't like to communicate on any terms other than its own, an anomaly in the communications age, to be sure.

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