iPhone 4 spoof ad puts a new spin on Mac vs. PC

A fake ad featuring Glee's Jane Lynch pits her against an iPhone 4 played by Kassem G. Guess who wins?

Apple's upcoming series of real iPhone 4 ads haven't blanketed the airwaves, but take180.com's Electric Spoofaloo  iPhone 4 spoof  ad has gone viral in a serious way.

The ad is billed as "Glee" star Jane Lynch ripping the iPhone a new "apps-hole" and features Lynch bantering with an iPhone played by Kassem G, with a couple of references to the lost iPhone 4 prototype and Gizmodo. Unlike Apple's series of Mac versus PC ads (officially called "Get a Mac"), Lynch comes up the winner, and the iPhone storms off the set in a huff.

Maybe it's time for Microsoft to hire Lynch to get its edge back?

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