iPhone 3G clears FCC

The iPhone 3G, LG Decoy, Nokia 5220 Xpress Music and Motorola ZN200 pass FCC certification.

The feds certify the iPhone 3G. FCC

The same day Apple announced the iPhone 3G, the FCC certified the handset for sale in the United States. As part of that process the iPhone had to report a SAR rating of less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. As it turns out, the device's highest at ear SAR is 1.38 watts per kilogram. But the iPhone 3G wasn't the only cell phone to win approval this week. The FCC also certified the LG Decoy, Nokia 5220 Xpress Music, and Motorola ZN200. We've combed through the filing on the agency's online database to bring you the full results of new and upcoming cell phones. Click through to read the full report.

Apple iPhone 3G
Ezze SL395Q
Huawei C2206
Huawei U1000
LG VX8360
LG Decoy VX8610
Motorola ZN200
Nokia 5220 Xpress Music
Nokia RM-243
Nokia N82
Samsung SCH-R550
Samsung SGH-L870
Samsung SGH-Z810
Samsung SPH-W5310



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