iPhone 3.0-ready with $24 stereo Bluetooth headset

Finally, you can hit the gym or go running without a headset cord flopping all over the place. Buy.com is selling the the Kensington Bluetooth Stereo Headset, normally listed for $78.99.

Cut the cord between your iPhone and your head. Kensington

Stereo Bluetooth is coming! Stereo Bluetooth is coming! Straight from the What-Took-You-So-Long Department, Apple announced plans to bring stereo Bluetooth (aka A2DP) support to iPhone OS 3.0. (It's coming to the iPod Touch, too.)

Translation: You'll be able to enjoy tunes, videos, games, and other aural delights over wireless headphones. And trust me: once you cut that cord, you'll never love a wire again.

Buy.com has a Kensington Bluetooth Stereo Headset for $23.49 shipped. That's pretty impressive, given the headset's $79.99 list price.

These are old-school, over-the-ear headphones, ideal for folks who don't like the feel of earbuds. They have play, pause, and skip controls that double as answer or ignore controls when a call comes in.

Kensington promises a wireless range of up to 66 feet and up to 23 hours of music or 19 hours of talk time from the rechargeable battery. The headset comes with a two-year warranty.

CNET hasn't reviewed this product, but there are two very favorable user reviews at Buy.com. Just one caveat: I can't guarantee that this will work with the iPhone and iPod Touch, as Bluetooth device compatibility can be hit-and-miss, but there's no reason I can think of that it shouldn't.

Personally, I'm even more excited about stereo Bluetooth than I am about the cut-and-paste functions. 'Bout time, Apple!

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