iPhone 1.1.4 fixes Bluetooth, SMS ordering bugs

iPhone 1.1.4 fixes Bluetooth, SMS ordering bugs

iPhone software/firmware 1.1.4 apparently fixes some nasty bugs introduced with the 1.1.3 update, as follows:

SMS ordering problems Several readers reported that, after installing the iPhone software/firmware 1.1.3 update, SMS (text) messages are displayed out of order. That is, a conversation intended to appear thusly:

  • User1: Hi
  • User2: How are you?
  • User1: Fine.
instead appears thusly:
  • User1: Hi
  • User1: Fine.
  • User2: How are you?

Apple has acknowledged this issue in a Knowledge Base article. The problem appears to be resolved under iPhone software/firmware 1.1.4.

Bluetooth blues iPhone software/firmware update 1.1.3 introduced some serious issues with third-party Bluetooth devices. These problems included incompatibility with GPS units from Garmin (StreetPilot C550, Nuvi 360, 760, etc.), some integrated car Bluetooth systems and more.

These problems are, based on some reader reports, resolved under software/firmware 1.1.4.

Problems sending mail Several users reported an issue where mail sent from the iPhone simply disappears into the void, never reaching its recipient, nor appearing in the "Sent Items" folder, and also never generating an error message indicating that anything has gone wrong.

This problem may be fixed in iPhone software/firmware 1.1.4. One iPhone Atlas reader writes:

"After installing the update, my phone rebooted, activated, and seemed normal. I started digging through the settings (I?d just gotten to the main settings menu) when I heard the ?mail sent? sound. I looked through the Sent box of each of my accounts but saw no recent entries I didn?t recognize. The last time I sent e-mail from my iPhone was weeks and weeks ago (I usually just read). God knows who just got what."

Dropped call/weak signal issues? We're still waiting to hear from more users regarding whether or not widespread dropped call/weak signal issues have been eliminated. Please let us know.

Feedback? info@iphoneatlas.com.


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