iPad/smartphone printing solution: Buy a Pogoplug, wait for update

A new software update to Pogoplug allows iPads, iPhones, and any other smartphone or laptop to wirelessly print to a connected Epson or HP printer.

Pogoplug: doorway to iPad printing? CNET

If you've been looking for a way to print from your iPad or iPhone without too many headaches, your prayers might have been answered--provided you've already invested in a Cloud Engines Pogoplug.

The plug-and-play device, which we've already reviewed in two different iterations, is a versatile box. It already turns USB hard drives into online-sharable volumes; streams music and photos to phones and the iPad; and can send video, music, and photos to an Xbox 360 or PS3.

Pogoplug cloud printing, available in a software update that hits later this summer, should work with all HP and Epson printers after 2005, according to a Cloud Engines press release issued Monday. A connected printer plugged into the Pogoplug will also be able to print directly e-mailed attachments, or act as a networked printer over the Internet.

Of course, iPads and smartphones do not have a "print" command. How will all this work? We'll just have to wait and see. It sounds useful and magically driver-free, but we honestly would have preferred if the Pogoplug had focused on making some of its existing features work a little better, instead of adding even more.

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Pogoplug (2nd generation)

The Bottom Line: With more USB ports and a few new features, the new Pogoplug remains a unique and relatively easy way to share files online. However, its media-streaming features leave something to be desired. / Read full review

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Cloud Engines Pogoplug

The Bottom Line: The Pogoplug provides a quick and easy way to share files from any USB storage device to users on a home network or over the Internet. / Read full review

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