iPad Mini with Retina Display vs. Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire HDX 7

See how the iPad Mini 2 stacks up against 2013's popular 7-inch tablets.

The iPad Mini with Retina Display James Martin/CNET

Almost one year to the day that Apple unveiled its first small iPad, the company launched its successor, the iPad Mini with Retina Display. The much-anticipated device sports expanded LTE support, in addition to a better-looking screen.

Apple wasn't the only company to release new tiny tablets this year. In 2013, Google and Amazon refreshed their lineups with the Nexus 7 (2013 edition) and the Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch. Now that Apple has taken the wraps off the iPad Mini 2 at its October 22 event, we can see how each tablet stacks up against the other.

Right off the bat, the iPad Mini 2 is the most expensive of the bunch starting at $399 for the 16GB version. Both the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HDX start at $230 for 16GB of storage. Other than that, all three tablets have a lot in common as far as camera quality and storage options, though the iPad Mini comes in a 128GB model.

Decide for yourself which tablet has the best features for you, and let us know your pick in the comments.

Apple iPad Mini 2Google Nexus 7 (2013)Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch
Operating systemiOS 7Android 4.3Amazon Android Mojito 3.0
PriceWi-Fi: $399 (16GB), $499 (32GB), $599 (64GB) $699 (128GB).
Cellular: $529 (16GB), $629 (32GB), $729 (64GB) $829 (128GB).
$230 (16GB), $270 32GB (32GB), $350 (32GB and 4G LTE)$230 (16GB), $270 (32GB), $310 (64GB)
Display7.9-inch IPS,
2,048x1,536 pixels (324ppi)
7-inch IPS,
1,920x1,200 pixels (323ppi)
7-inch IPS,
1,920x1,200 pixels (323ppi)
Size7.8 inches x 5.3 inches
x 0.3 inch
7.8 inches x 4.5 inches
x 0.3 inch
7.3 inches x 5.0 inches x 0.3 inch
Weight11.7 ounces (331 grams)10.5 ounces (299 grams)10.9 ounces (311 grams)
Processor A7 processor1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800
Memory16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB16GB or 32GB; 2GB RAM16GB, 32GB or 64GB; 2GB RAM
Camera5-megapixel rear-facing; 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera5-megapixel; 1.2-megapixel front-facing5-megapixel; 1.2-megapixel front-facing
10 hours battery life
PortsLightning connectorMicro-USBMicro-HDMI, Micro-USB
ColorSpace gray and silverBlackDark gray
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