iPad can double as skateboard

Cable channel Fuel TV finds a way to turn the tablet into a skateboard. After a few failed attempts at riding it on a half-pipe, it actually works.

It's a skateboard, too. Apple

The iPad just got a whole lot more intriguing. The tablet can not only help you surf around the Web and check e-mail, it can also serve as a pretty useful skateboard.

Jeff King, who hosts the Fuel TV show "Built to Shred," took a 64GB iPad and, using some innovative techniques, transformed Apple's tablet into a fully operational skateboard. King asked professional skateboarder Chad Knight to try to ride it down a half-pipe.

After attaching wheels to the iPad, Knight took it for a ride. Unfortunately, the iPad's screen cracked in the first try and the skating didn't work so well. After making a few minor adjustments to the way the iPad sat on the wheels, Knight gave it another try. This time around, he was able to ride the iPad up and down the half-pipe without any trouble. He didn't try to perform any tricks, but it certainly worked.

Move over multitasking, the iPad has a new feature that's much more fun.

Check out the video:

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