iPad apps go live in App Store

In advance of the iPad's launch Saturday, there are new apps to go with it.

iPad apps
New iPad apps just showed up in the App Store. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

The iPad won't be available until Saturday, April 3, but you can check out the apps starting now.

The iTunes App Store now has quite a long list of iPad-ready apps, with prices that are higher than iPhone apps, as expected . At the moment, the only people able to test the new iPad apps are reviewers who've gotten ahold of loaner iPads in advance of the launch. The iPad apps we're now spotting look like the leaked apps seen last week .

Apps that Apple demonstrated at the launch event for the tablet device are all there: the iWorks apps (Numbers, Pages, Keynote), along with third-party apps like Brushes and MLB At Bat 2010. There are also tons of recognizable names: NPR, eBay, Twitteriffic, AIM, and Reuters have created apps that will be available for people to download right when the iPad goes on sale.

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