iPad App Store revealed?

A mobile-app analytics firm turns up what appear to be screenshots of what the App Store will look like on the forthcoming touch-screen tablet from Apple.

Still a week from the official debut of the Apple iPad, one blog appears to have turned up screenshots of the device's version of the App Store.

App Annie, an analytics site that monitors mobile applications, says it stumbled upon a feed that contained the image of the home page of the iPad's App Store interface.

It's interesting in that it shows listings for quite a few apps already, many of which are games. It looks a lot like the iPad version of the App Store and iTunes Store Steve Jobs walked through during his demonstration of the iPad at the January iPad introduction event.

Something that's immediately obvious: there isn't yet a clear style for developers to indicate that an application is made for iPad or iPhone, at least based on this screenshot. Some developers are using "for iPad," some "HD," while still others are using "XL," referring to an iPhone app needing to scale up to fit the iPad screen appropriately.

Screenshot of the App Store after the jump.

iPad App Store
Is this the iPad App Store? App Annie

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