iPad and Nexus 7 face off in torture test

SquareTrade is at it again -- dropping and drowning two of the most-hyped tablets around.

This instance of "water-tabbing" is a little hard to watch. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

I've been working the device torture beat here for a while, but this video of an iPad and Google Nexus 7 going head-to-head in drop and submersion tests almost gave me a full-blown case of DTSD (device trauma stress disorder).

Once again, the device warranty folks at SquareTrade subjected two devices to some low-level maiming to see which survives with the least damage and the iPad suffered the most battle scars, at least from the drops.

Before the Apple fans jump all over me, it's important to note that this test is far from scientific, and I'd venture that the iPad is actually at a significant disadvantage, being larger and having more surface area than the Nexus 7 -- not to mention the fact that this is really all about the randomness of where the point of impact is on the device.

That said, I imagine you love seeing a little bit of random device destruction as much as I do, so long as it's not being inflicted on your device, so enjoy.

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