iPad 4 charges faster thanks to new power adapter

The new 12-watt adapter that comes with the 4th-generation iPad can cut around 30-45 minutes off the charge time, says Insanely Great Mac.

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Apple's iPad 4 charges quicker than previous iPads courtesy of its new power adapter.

Plugging the new iPad into a watt meter through the new adapter, Apple news and reviews site Insanely Great Mac recorded 12 watts of juice. Previous iPad adapters deliver just 10 watts.

Those two extra watts may not sound like much, but they'll trim a good 30 to 45 minutes off the charge time, according to IGM.

Unfortunately, owners of previous iPads and the iPhone are out of luck. Though the new power adapter is compatible with older units, it won't provide more in the way of watts, so the charge time remains the same.

The 12-watt adapter is included with the iPad 4 and is available separately from Apple for $19.

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