iOS vs. Android: The psychology that fuels the phone wars (video)

With the help of a psychology pro, Adventures in Tech explains why we get so fiercely competitive about our operating systems.

It's a battle that threatens to rend the Internet asunder with its forum-fraying ferocity: iOS vs. Android.

But why do we get so worked up over our operating systems? The latest episode of CNET's Adventures in Tech delves deep inside the human brain, to explain how something as simple as a smartphone operating system can trigger a prehistoric response in our stone-age psyche. Press Play now.

To uncover the arcane secrets of our mystifying minds, Adventures in Tech enlists the help of psychology lecturer Mark Coulson, who's on hand to unwrap the powerful psychological processes that kick in when we ally ourselves with either Android, iOS -- or indeed, anything!

The power of ingroups and outgroups, our attitudes to these mentally moulded gangs and the evolutionary origins of our tight-knit tribal attitudes will be revealed, shining a light on modern conflicts, such as whether iOS or Android is the superior platform.

Take that, brain!

Now of course, it would be foolish to suggest that deep-set psychology is the only thing that triggers our passionate support or dislike of operating systems.

On the other hand, understanding how the hidden aspects of our mental makeup influence our behaviour can stop our brains from getting the better of us.

Why do you think tech fans get so passionate about platforms? Watch the newest episode of Adventures in Tech, and stick your musings in the comments, on our Facebook wall, or find me on Twitter.



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