iOS 4 features by device

Apple's iOS 4 brings many new features to the iPhone 3GS, but not all those features are available on the iPhone 3G or the iPod Touch second generation. Here we take a look at these features by device in a chart.

Apple released its much-awaited iOS 4 update Monday for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, as well as the second and third generations of the iPod Touch. However, not all iOS 4 features have rolled out for all devices, and first-generation versions of both the iPhone and the iPod Touch won't get the update at all. Here is a chart breaking down what you do or don't get with iOS 4, depending on which device you have.

iPhone 3GiPhone 3GSiPod Touch second generationiPod Touch third generation
Home screen foldersYesYesYesYes
E-mail upgradesYesYesYesYes
Background wallpaperNoYesNoYes
Camera zoomYesYesN/AN/A
Photo gallery with Faces/Places supportYesYesYesYes
Spell checkYesYesYesYes
Searchable text messagesYesYesN/AN/A
Bluetooth keyboardsNoYesNoYes
Support for iBooksYesYesYesYes
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