iOS 4.2 for iPad, hands-on video

If you're curious to see what Apple's iOS 4.2 update brings to the iPad, CNET's Donald Bell offers a crash course on the new features, including AirPlay, AirPrint, multitasking and more.


Apple's iOS 4.2 update for the iPad is coming, and unless you're inconsolable over the decision to change the screen rotation lock switch into a mute switch, this free update is nothing but win.

We've already run though the nuts and bolts of the update in last week's 4.2 Gold Master blog post and gallery. This week, we figured we'd sweeten the deal with a brief hands-on video overview, as well.

One thing to clarify from the video is that the new AirPrint feature is accessible in apps beyond the iWork suite, including Safari, Photos, and Email. Compatible printers include HP's latest ePrint machines.

We'll have more in-depth coverage of iOS 4.2 throughout the day.

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