Iomega software that does not recognize Iomega drives

Iomega software that does not recognize Iomega drives

Two recent reports of problems with the Iomega Tools 6.0.x software:

File Match Bill Williams uses Iomega's File Match application to match folders from his hard disk onto Zip backups. He found that File Match stopped working after he installed the latest Iomega driver from the 6.0.1 software. It gave a warning message that said: "File Match only works with Iomega drives." When he restored the previous driver (5.0.3), File Match worked again.

1-Step A reader purchased Virtual PC so that he could "de-archive Zip disks from a PC which had files archived with Iomega's 1-Step archiving software. Everything went fine, including getting the Zip cartridge to "mount" under VPC, until he tried to use 1-Step Restore from Virtual PC. The program claimed that no Zip drive was connected. The 1-Step program worked fine when run from a "real" PC.

Update: A reader notes that a Connectix Virtual PC Peripherals Guide page states that Virtual PC will be able to "see" SCSI devices only if the are "designatable as shared folders/volumes." Apparently, they cannot be "directly" mounted.

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