Invision TV: The Internet version of TV Guide

Invision TV wants to bring order to the chaos of online video.

Invision TV launched at Demo and aims to bring order to the chaos of Internet video. I've been playing with the service for a half hour or so and it's actually quite good. The service lets you watch videos in your browser window and lets you search for other videos at the same time.

This approach may limit the volume of items likely to be returned on YouTube, but it parses everything down to a more consumable set of content. And you don't have to open multiple browser windows like you do with YouTube.

YouTube does have a fantastic array of content, but it also has an enormous array of crap. And the interface essentially forces you to search for anything--the navigation between categories is weird and the user-generated tagging just complicates matter.

Invision brings a Tivo style lineup to the browser (and theoretically to set-top boxes in the future) allowing for more efficient viewing.

I think about TiVo the same way I do about RSS: it gives me the option to get as much as I want, but I can easily set up the things I like and have the information ready to go when I am ready. Invision TV looks to be a great step toward making Internet video more accessible.

Via VentureBeat

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