Intoxicating watches tell you when it's Happy Hour

Ensure that every hour is happy with watches that come with built-in bottle openers and let you know when it's 5 o'clock.

Fashion meets function with timepieces that help remind you of the best time of the day - Happy Hour!
Fashion meets function with timepieces that help remind you of the best time of the day -- Happy Hour! Happy Hour Timepieces

Nothing is sadder than a cold bottle of beer that stays unopened because there's no bottle opener in sight. That's exactly the type of tragedy that Dominic Chenelia, founder of Happy Hour Timepieces, wants to prevent with his line of watches. They're equipped with subtle bottle openers and a very visible 5 o'clock indicator.

"The idea was to always have a bottle opener on you," Chenelia told Crave. "There were so many times when I would be at a tailgate, on a boat, or at the beach when no one had a bottle opener. We also wanted to design the timepieces in a way where it wasn't apparent that you were wearing a bottle opener on your wrist. The goal was to create a stylish design that could be worn every day, which also contained a bottle opener for those 5 o'clock moments."

Pop the top with the clean and classic "Lightweight" design timepiece.
Pop the top with the clean and classic Lightweight design. Happy Hour Timepieces

Watch designs include the $79.99 Bottoms Up, the $124.99 Lightweight, and the $149.99 Ish, with one feature constant -- a very large 5 o'clock so you can determine at a glance if it's time to close up shop and grab a well-deserved martini.

One of Chenelia's favorite designs is the Ish watch.

"Everybody says "ish" when generalizing time: 'I'll meet you around 2ish' for example," Chenelia said. "We loved the idea of creating a watch that played off what idea, along with frosted face that clearly lets you know when its 5 o'clock. It's one of our coolest designs to date. It's definitely a conversation starter."

When wearing the Ish watch, you'll know approximately when it's beer o'clock. Happy Hour Timepieces

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