Intimate seating for tete-a-tete theater

Because not all home theaters are spaceships.

Elite Home Theater Seating

Sure, you can build your own Bat Cave or Enterprise replica to impress your buddies, but what about those times when something a little more intimate is in order? Enter the "Cuddle Couch."

It may look like un updated version of something you'd find in Austin Powers' flat, but it's not a revolving round bed. The couch is designed for the more casual home theater, according to Luxist, with cupholders built into either side and a custom glass tray that holds your snacks.

Given that pricing starts at $2,495, we were surprised to see that it didn't include any special effects technologies , though we're sure that could be arranged by manufacturer Elite Home Theater Seating for additional costs. After all, if we've learned anything about home theaters, it's that the sky's the limit --or, in some cases, the pool .


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