Interchangeable clothing uses magnets to switch up the style

Accent your magnetic personality with a magnetic wardrobe full of clothes with magnetic closures, interchangeable collars, and removable hoods.

Stikeleather magnetic dress shirt
Ian Stikeleather switches out a collar. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Anyone who has ever worn a necklace or bracelet made of Buckyballs knows the potential of magnets as a force for fashion. Ian Stikeleather is taking it a step further by integrating magnets into his Affectation clothing line.

Affectation is up on Kickstarter, working to raise enough to put the magnetic fashion line into production. The biggest draw is the interchangeability of the clothes. For a $50 pledge, you can pick up the Duality Interchangeable Tie. It comes with an extra tail that can be exchanged and is held on by magnets. Click it together and you have a new look for your busy day in the cubicle farm.

There are scarves, skirts, jackets, vests, and dress shirts to choose from. The $200 dress shirts for both men and women feature reversible collars and removable hoods. Magnetic closures also make the clothes easy for people who have issues managing little buttons and fussy zippers.

As far as fashion innovations go, Affectation is pretty practical. You can get more mileage out of a piece of clothing when you can swap out colors, hoods, and accent pieces. I also see the potential for pushing this even further. How about magnetic Princess Leia buns for your hoodie or magnetic "Star Trek" insignia that can be removed when you want to de-geek your look? Yes, please.

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