Intel to unveil health care line

FDA-approved touch-screen laptop with Web application for the housebound likely.

Intel plans to unveil a series of health care products aimed at the aging and chronically ill on November 11.

Few details have been released, but it's likely the new products will tie in with the Intel Health Guide PHS 6000.

Intel was recently granted approval for this touch-screen laptop with a 40GB hard drive and corresponding Web application from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. While it's run trials in the UK with the device, Intel's still awaiting approval for the UK market.

The laptop and its software enables medical data input, analysis, and transfer between a patient and health care professional over any broadband network, according to the info Intel has made available so far.

The software seems geared toward health care professionals visiting and assessing patients in their home.

However, the Intel Health Guide PHS 6000 also appears to allow patients to input their own medical data, such as their vitals or answers to a series of prompted questions. Other data-collecting tools like a blood pressure monitor and glucose meter can also be plugged directly in to the laptop or communicate with them wirelessly, according to Intel.

The software automatically transmits collected data to a patient's health care professional, but can also receive instructions. The machine also allows for two-way video conferencing.

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