Intel to argue its case in Europe

The world's largest chipmaker is defending itself against charges that it competed unfairly with Advanced Micro Devices by selling chips below costs and writing huge rebate checks.

Intel is set to defend itself next week against anticompetitive charges brought by the European Commission.

This saga has dragged on for several months, although not quite reaching the epic proportions of the antitrust case filed against Intel in the U.S. by AMD. The EC has accused Intel of anticompetitive business practices in Europe such as pressuring customers to use Intel PCs with rebate checks and selling chips below cost, practices Intel has denied.

Intel will get to argue its answer to the statement of objections delivered by the EC during a hearing scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, according to IDG News Service. Reuters said a decision is unlikely to be made next week, as the hearing official will merely submit a report to Neelie Kroes, the competition commissioner for the European Union.

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