Intel releases pricing, specs on new chips

New dual-core Yonah chips are priced the same as the company's older Pentium M processors.

Intel has quietly released specifications and pricing for its latest notebook chips--and the new dual-core processors cost about the same as its older single core processor technology.

According to a price sheet found on Intel's Web site, the new dual-core Yonah processor used in notebook computers will be sold at roughly the same price as Intel's single-core Pentium M processors. The fastest of the Yonah processors, the T2600, will run at speeds up to 2.16GHz with a 667MHz bus, which is a channel for ferrying data between the processor and memory. Today's Pentium M processors feature a 533MHz bus and run at 2.26GHz. Both chips are priced at $637.

The single-core Yonah chip, the T1300, will run at 1.66GHz and will cost about $209. The lowest priced dual-core Yonah chip, the T2300, will cost $241 with speeds of 1.66GHz. All Yonah processors feature a 2MB L2 cache and a 667MHz FSB (Front Side Bus).

Intel also has disclosed pricing for its new Centrino mobile chips. The fastest chip, the T2600, runs at 2.16GHz with a 667MHz bus and will cost $706. On the low end, the T1300 sports speeds of 1.6GHz with a 667MHz bus and is priced at $278.

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