Instagram-Twitter feud fudges photos

Newly limited Twitter support means Instagram photos are cut off on Twitter's mobile app; iPhone 5S rumors have begun; and Netflix makes a major deal with Disney.

Wednesday's CNET Update won't cut you off:


Instagram and Twitter aren't playing nice, and it's annoying users. As the two services compete in the photo-sharing space, Instagram stopped supporting a key Twitter feature that helps display media inside a tweet. The casual user won't notice anything different on the Twitter website. But on Twitter's mobile app, you will notice that Instagram photos are no longer properly formatted to fit.

Why would Instagram spoil the appearance of photos shared on Twitter? Because Facebook-owned Instagram is growing its website and wants you to stay on its app. It's all about money.

Also in today's tech rundown:

- iPhone 5S already? Possible photos of the next iPhone are posted online.

- Netflix signs an unprecedented movie deal with Disney.

- Amazon launched a kid service for the Kindle called FreeTime Unlimited.

- Sonos app upgrade adds music streaming feature for iOS devices.

- Google's Street View is coming to the Wii U in January.

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