Instagram briefly unreachable for some

Instagram, Facebook's popular photo sharing service, had a hiccup Thursday.

Instagram's new Hyperlapse app helps stabilize video and speeds up time. Nick Statt/CNET

It's rare, but it does happen: Instagram, the popular photo sharing service from Facebook, was briefly unreachable for some users on Thursday.

While this could be the case of a fat-fingered mistake by a programmer or an unexpectedly failed server, it also comes just days after the company unveiled a new app called Hyperlapse. The app, which is currently only available for devices made by Apple, helps users to take better looking time-lapsed videos.

Instagram's team sent a tweet acknowledging the issue and assuring users they're working on a fix.

Of course, the nature of the Internet is that some services and websites just do go offline from time to time.

Sometimes breathless coverage of such instances is often mocked by social media watchers. But it also serves as a good reminder that normal people use these services every day. Earlier this month, the last time Facebook suffered an outage, emergency response centers received calls from angry users. The calls got so bad that a Los Angeles County Sheriff issued a statement on Twitter, informing the public they didn't know when the service would go back online either.

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