Inside two toolkits helping Chinese hackers

A researcher looks inside two toolkits designed to help ordinary people launch distributed denial-of-service attacks against Western media sites.

Two toolkits designed to help ordinary people participate in denial-of-service attacks against Western media have surfaced on the Internet, according to one researcher.

In a blog Tuesday, Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks says one of the toolkits is easier to use than the other though both are designed for "the masses." This isn't new, and toolkits such as these have been created for other political protests in the past.

AntiCNN.exe was the first of the two tools found on the Internet. Nazario reports that it opens a flood of HTTP connections and attempts to hurt the servers with volume.

Sdos.exe is the second tool. According to Nazario, "This one lets you specify a target server and a port, uses a simple connect() loop for the TCP flood."

Nazario says there is a third toolkit out, but it includes a backdoor back to its authors and could be used for other purposes.

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