Inside CNET Labs 52: Professors in girls

CNET's own Ariel Nunez drops by for some guy talk.

The co-professor in girls, Ariel Nunez. In this pic he's probably wasted in some undisclosed location at like 4 a.m. ...on a Tuesday. Ariel Nunez/CNET

This week we have a very special guest, Mr. Ariel Nunez. Ariel is the guy who composed our intro and outro music. We've been meaning to talk to him for a a while, but as you'll hear he's quite a busy guy. That, and I'm kinda lazy.

Anyway we talk about everything from music, girls, the iPhone, and browsers to the definition of life. Yep, we roll deep in this episode.

Stick around after the podcast for a preview of Ariel's music, including his full "Sweet Dreams" track.

Distortion 2 Static

Brian Tong and Jason Howell love

Ariel's Facebook


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