Inside CNET Labs 35: 'When they talk, their head kinda jumpin' up and down'

Episode 35 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.

Apparently, Dong hates these guys. South Park Studios

We have the power this episode! I feel it. Dong feels it. And soon you will feel it...Can you feel it yet? No? Well start downloading.

Dr. Orgy returns this week with some very sound relationship advice for Dong. Dr. Orgy has been divorced once thought, so seriously, how helpful can this be?

Dong and I give our impressions of the upcoming iPhone 3.0 update that turns into a discussion of Apple culture that probably goes on too long. I would have edited it down some, but, we've gotten some complaints lately about us not censoring ourselves. So, this long, unedited, boring discussion is for you.

Then, a little monitor advice for a very special listener...OK not that special. Alright, not special at all. Well, special in the sense that all of our listeners are special. Yes, you all are.

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