Inside CNET Labs 17: Terrorize this!

Episode 17 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.

Thank goodness for the World Police! Paramount Pictures

First up, Dong is a little concerned that Eric may be a terrorist. He soon discovers, though, that everyone is a terrorist.

Then, LED vs. CCFL LCD backlights. Which makes your eyes bleed less? Find out!

Could our love affair with the iPhone 3G be over? Possibly. Then why do we still own one? It's a complicated answer that we tackle.

Finally, we tell some stories about our early WoW days. Enjoy the fun!

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Eric Franklin leads the CNET Reviews editors in San Francisco as managing editor. A 20-year industry veteran, Eric began his tech journey testing computers in the CNET Labs. When not at work he can usually be found at the gym, at the movies, or at the edge of his couch with a game controller in his hands.


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