Innovations in every nook of future home

A moving walkway, a robot maid named Rosie and a wife named Jane...sound familiar? It most likely does if you're George Jetson--or a visitor to the 2006 Sunset and Popular Science House of Innovation in Alamo, Calif. The house--which is open to the public until Nov. 12--showcases new technologies coming to a home near you.

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Atop a hill in a quiet town in Northern California sits a house stocked full of the latest gear for the tech-savvy home buyer.

One of the most fascinating pieces is the wine cellar. Cold, dingy basements will be extinct with this General Electric innovation. Not only can you store your wine, but you can have it catalogued and bar-coded--all from one touch-screen machine located on the exterior. Tired of having nine remotes that control your home theater? With Pro Home Systems theater system, it all can be integrated into one touch-screen remote control.

In this Jetsons-esque home, even Rosie got an upgrade. The Roomba Scheduler and Scooba by iRobot take care of all the floor cleaning and can even mop according to a schedule. Another cool creation, by Glass Paradigm, is located in the master bathroom. There are no blinds on these clear windows, which normally could make for an embarrassing predicament, even in the quiet East Bay hills. With a click of a switch, they are turned opaque, blocking you from seeing out or anyone on the outside seeing in.

Throughout the home are also little posters with interesting science facts by Popular Science. From a design and science perspective, the Idea house is an interesting event. If you don't live in Northern California, don't fret. Have a look at our photo gallery. And for more information, click here.



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