Infiniti teases a compact concept for Geneva

Infiniti releases a sketch of a concept it will show at the 2011 Geneva auto show.

Infiniti concept sketch
The Infiniti concept looks like a hatchback. Infiniti

Infiniti jumps on the small-car bandwagon at the upcoming Geneva auto show, bringing a new compact concept to the stage presaging a model that would fit below the G. Infiniti released few details and a mere sketch of the car ahead of the early March unveiling.

The sketch seems to indicate a hatchback, a popular style of car in Europe, with heavily curved lines that mimic those on the Infiniti Essence concept shown at the 2009 Geneva auto show.

Infiniti's non-Crossover lineup, limited to the G and M models, needs punching up if it is to compete with other premium brands such as BMW and Audi, which have more comprehensive lineups. Infiniti is probably also looking at adding a smaller, more fuel efficient car.

Then there is always the possibility that this new concept could be a luxury electric car, the Infiniti version of the Nissan Leaf.

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