Indie hit Minecraft headed to Sony's PlayStation platforms

The popular block game is headed to Sony's PS3, PS4, and Vita, its creators said today.


Mojang's hit game Minecraft is headed to Sony's next console.

Sony on Tuesday announced that a version of the game is headed to the PlayStation 4, though the company did not say when.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson also announced that the game was headed to the PlayStation 3 and Vita, Sony's handheld.

The news marks an end of exclusivity for Microsoft, which so far has been the only console maker to offer a version of the game. Mojang also makes a pocket version for iOS and Android that's proven to be very popular. In fact, the $6.99 app is currently the top-selling paid game on Apple's App Store, and the fifth highest grossing.

On the Xbox it's been a similar story. Last week, developer 4J Studios, which brought the game to Microsoft's console, noted that it's sold 8 million units, bringing in around $160 million in sales.

Earlier this year, Minecraft's lead designer, Jens Bergensten, told Edge Online that the company was considering a version for Sony's platform, but not Nintendo's, as soon as its deal with Microsoft ran through. Details of just how long that would go on were not made public.

Minecraft centers around randomly generated worlds with day/night cycles and resources that could be both mined and farmed. It later expanded with role-playing elements and an increase in the potential size of worlds. The title became immensely popular for its open sandbox nature, and online play, which could be modified with third-party plugins.

Sony's PS4 launches in the U.S. on November 15 for $399.

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