Indecent Exposure 50: Inverting expectations

Camcording stereo vs. surround and photo contestants go for the gold.

Camcording stereo vs. surround and photo contestants go for the gold.

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Episode 50

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Today's questions
5.1 sound on a camcorder

First of all I want to say I think you do an excellent job reviewing the current camcorders on the market. I wanted to know if you are planning on reviewing the Sony HDR-XR100 and the Sony HDR-XR200. I've been looking at these two camcorders and I'm curious if they are as good as the new Canon camcorders on the market. Also I wanted to know your opinion on Sony's 5.1 mic. Is it worth getting a Sony camcorder over a Canon camcorder for this feature? Thank you so much for your time!
Karl K.

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