Indecent Exposure 34: Insouciant expressions

An outpouring of pet photos, Lori's CES snapshot, and when to compress.

An outpouring of pet photos, Lori's CES snapshot, and when to compress.

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Episode 34

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Today's questions
Shrink or compress

Hi guys,
Thanks for the great podcast. I listen intently every week and love the show.
I have a question regarding managing files sizes. Generally I shoot at the max resolution of my camera (Alpha 100) but this yields some large file sizes. So when I'm just messing around with the camera OR when I want to export a full size photo for the web or email, there's a couple options in reducing file size: down-sample the resolution or increase the compression (IE: reduce the JPEG quality). Is there a suggested strategy to use between these two?
Secondarily, does it make a difference if making this decision when shooting (in-camera) vs exporting from a full res? IE: in camera would it be better to shoot at higher res with low quality but exporting is better to down-sample to lower res with higher quality?

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