In search of the best folding keyboard

'Papillon' isn't the weirdest, but not perfecta

We have no interest in using a fold-up keyboard, but we do admit to having an odd curiosity about them--kind of like the way an entomologist studies a beetle, as Raymond Chandler would say. But we digress.


So we're always looking for one that actually seems like something someone would use: not too bulky, impractical or weird-looking. This one from Diatec Japan might at least take care of the first two criteria. The "Papillon FKB66PU" (Papillon!) is a full-size keyboard designed to work with all manner of devices, according to Newlaunches. The only strange feature is an awkwardly placed compartment in the middle, where the USB adapter is stored when not in use. It's not the worst thing, but we know it would bug us.

Even so, we'd still take the Papillon over this fabric keyboard. Talk about weird.

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