In between years: Trends and snippets

Media pundits are out-forecasting one another with predictions of consumer and marketing trends for 2008.

Soccer and innovation: I blogged about " what Ronaldinho and FC Barcelona can teach you about innovation " before "el clásico" on Sunday, and, well, there was a certain risk that my bold claim would backfire. Madrid slammed Barca in its own backyard 1-0, and while I'm flattered that my favorite Fox soccer analyst Bobby McMahon is linking to my post, his comment still stings a little...

Monarchy 2.0: Queen Elizabeth has launched a new channel on YouTube--the Royal Channel--that will broadcast her traditional Christmas address, at 7 a.m. PST Tuesday. According to a YouTube representative (via The New York Times), the channel has been a huge success so far, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers. The most popular clip is the 1957 broadcast of the Queen's Christmas address, with more than 400,000 viewers.

Trends of the trends: That time of the year again. Media pundits are out-forecasting one other with their predictions for 2008 trends. Here's a compilation: consumer trends, advertising and marketing trends, fashion trends, IT trends, security trends, marketing trends for small and medium-sized businesses, media trends, air travel trends, and there are many more...

Mobile: Speaking of trends, David Armano argues that 2007 was the year of social media and that 2008 will be the year of mobile media. You may be thinking: I've heard that one before. But perhaps he's right. Fueled by the "iPhone effect," this time companies may actually live up to the hype. There are indeed signs of bona fide innovations on the horizon: "Silicon Valley's first phone company," Ribbit, is all the talk right now in Silicon Valley; "viral" WiFi models like that of Fon will continue to thrive; more local businesses and chains will offer free Wi-Fi; and Google's Android platform will drive tons of new business for user interface designers and developers. And then there is the new Skypephone with its iSkoot software. And the Google phone...?

Conversation analytics: New metrics for social media are in high demand. How, for example, do you track and analyze conversations on Twitter? Tweeterboard is an attempt to provide "conversation analytics," and one of the parameters it uses to gauge someone's influence on Twitter is the level of "giving and receiving love..."

Happy Holidays!


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