Important facts about iPhone plans and activation revealed: Installed software takes up 750 MB, more minutes available; much more

Important facts about iPhone plans and activation revealed: Installed software takes up 750 MB, more minutes available; much more

Apple has posted a video guide to activating and synchronizing the iPhone. Some salient points that were revealed:

  • Activation works "exactly" the same way on Macs and PCs
  • The latest version of iTunes is required
  • iTunes launches automatically and begins the activation process once the iPhone is connected
  • If you are already an AT&T customer, you can either replace your current cell phone line with the iPhone, or add the iPhone as a new line
  • New customers can choose to activate as a single line, or multiple iPhones as part of a FamilyTalk plan
  • There is a built in service for transfer your existing phone number with another carrier. Apple says it usually takes about 20 minutes for this process, but can take several hours.
  • By default, the plans include 200 text messages per month. You can upgrade to 1500 text messages for $10 per month, or unlimited text messages for $20 per month.
  • If you are an existing AT&T customer, you keep your original voice plan and just need to "add the iPhone data plan"
  • There is an option for "More minutes" -- apparently beyond the 1350 included in the most expensive announced plan.
  • Apple/AT&T pulls the data from your iTunes account to populate information required for activation, such as name, address, etc. However, you will also need to enter your social security number or a credit check authorization code. This information is not stored by Apple.
  • Apple says "if you have an iPod, you already know how to sync an iPhone."
  • Software updates to the iPhone will be delivered through iTunes.
  • There is a "Restore" function for the iPhone -- something that has proven highly useful in troubleshooting routines for the iPod.
  • You can sync either Mac OS X Address Book contacts or Yahoo! Address Book contents.
  • You can sync calendar events from iCal or Microsoft Entourage on a Mac, or Microsoft Outlook on a PC. Events entered directly on the iPhone can be synced back to the computer.
  • The 8 GB iPhone model in the video demonstration shows a free space capacity of 7.23 GB, with 13.6 MB of other, meaning that the default iPhone copy of OS X and included applications take up about 750MB (a later screen, presumably erroneously, shows a capacity of 74.4GB)
  • You can sync multiple computer-stored Mail accounts to the iPhone.
  • Apple says the iPhone "may work with your company's corporate email service"
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