iMovie '08: Third-party plug-ins not compatible; Kernel panics at launch

New app, no plugins

Third-party plug-ins may not be compatible Apple said during the announcement of iMovie '08 that it is a "completely new application." Apparently that means it also has a no plug-in architecture, and many previously functioning plug-ins no longer work after the update. Fortunately, iMovie '06 will remain on your drive after installation of iMovie '08, so plug-ins can be used with the older version of the application.

MacFixIt reader Chris emailed GeeThree, creator of the plug-in "Stabilizer," regarding iMovie '08 support. The company replied:

"We got our copy of iLife '08 today. The new release of iMovie '08 is a complete rewrite from the ground up and lacks the support for plug-ins. There are just a handful of transitions and titles, and no effects in this new version. It is nice if you need to create a very basic video quickly, but you will likely want to keep using iMovie 6 for most of your video projects. Fortunately, if you install iLife 08, a copy of iMovie 6 stays on your system. Please bug Apple to update iMovie'08 to support third party plug-ins."

Kernel panics at launch MacFixIt reader Leonard reports repeated kernel panics when attempting to launch iMovie '08, an issue for which we are seeking corroboration. Leonard writes:

"I have a Power Mac G5 2 GHz, dual processor. I just installed iLife '08. If I open iMovie '08 I get a Kernel Panic every time."

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.

Knowledge Base articles Apple has posted a slew of Knowledge Base articles detailing issues, quirks and changes in iMovie '08. Among them:

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