iMacs and more

Recap of Apple's announcements today.

Unless you just woke up (you know who you are), you probably know what Apple announced a little while ago. But let's review.

The big news, of course, is the new iMacs. The rumored aluminum enclosure and the MacBook-style keyboard were right on the money and rumor junkies everywhere are now experiencing that feeling of disappointment you get when you open your presents Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day.

Still, Apple's set the standard for hardware design. Again.

But what good's cool hardware if you don't have cool software to run on it?

Enter iLife -- which redefines sharing your pictures and streamlines putting together a movie -- and iWork -- now a complete package with a new spreadsheet application and finally able to fully fill the gap left by the late, great AppleWorks.

Suddenly that Office delay looks like more of an opportunity than a threat, doesn't it?

And, oh, yeah, they revved the Mac mini.

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