I'm back in the saddle again

After a month of toting an SLR, three lenses, and one toddler around Argentina and Chile, I'm back to work.

Monte Fitz Roy in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Argentina, at sunrise Stephen Shankland

After toting 7 pounds of camera gear and 30 pounds of toddler around Argentina and Chile for a month, I'm back to work.

I had a grand trip. And so far at least, I've lost none of the oodles of photos I took. (The one here is of the iconic Patagonian peak Monte Fitz Roy.)

I'm digging out of a giant pile of e-mail now, but later on, you can expect my thoughts about the merits of the Olympus E-3 as a travel camera and an update on the best way to store photos while traveling.

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