'iLuv,' the blowfish of accessories

It may not be fatal, but it's still painful to look at.


Swarovski crystals are like fugu, the Japanese blowfish--they can be a delicacy in small doses, but the slightest overdose can cause paralysis and agonizing death. That was our first thought, anyway, upon viewing samples from the iLuv's new i80 series of overdone accessories. It wasn't a fatal experience, but we did consider gouging out an eye or two with a chopstick.

Last year Philips managed to do what we thought was impossible: Make a line of products using Swarovski stones that were actually bearable, undoubtedly thanks to the company's exceptional design sense. iLuv, however, is no Philips, as evidenced by the color palette chosen for the new earphones, clips, cases, and holsters: gold, silver, and pink. Or maybe they're just an acquired taste, like raw sea urchin.

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