I'll take my fireplace to go

Travelmate is a flue-less, smokeless portable fireplace contained in what appears to be a see-through briefcase made of steel.

Conmoto TravelMate fireplace
Conmoto's Travelmate is an expensive but portable fireplace. Conmoto

Sometimes space heaters just don't cut it. They can't be put on flammable rugs, they aren't romantic, and they don't produce warming flames unless they catch something on fire. For consumers who want to soothe the space heater blues, Conmoto's portable fireplace could turn up the heat--for a few thousand dollars.

Retailing for $3,300, the German-made Travelmate is a flue-less, smokeless fireplace contained in what appears to be a see-through briefcase made of steel (a sentiment shared by NerdApproved).

The flames are trapped between sheets of glass held in place by magnets. To get the fire going, one must simply remove one of the glass sheets, add bio-ethanol liquid fuel to the tank, and then strike a match. Once the glass is back in place, the result is a 55-pound portable fireplace.

We're not sure if it's legal to carry a burning fire in public, even if it is trapped in glass, so maybe this glorified space heater is best used in the home.

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