Ikea designs $86,500 prefab house, instructions included

Ikea teams up with prefab home designer Ideabox for an instant home packed with Swedish-style furniture, flooring, and appliances.

Ikea Aktiv home
Does the dog come pre-assembled? Ideabox

I've put together some Ikea furniture in my time, but nothing close to an entire house. I'm pretty confident I could make it through Ikea and Ideabox's Aktiv house with minimal cursing, though.

Fortunately for prospective home owners, the Aktiv doesn't arrive in a massive pile of flat-pack cardboard boxes. It's delivered in a couple of chunks by semi.

The house is a joint-effort between Ikea and Ideabox. The companies' designers integrated Ikea kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, bathroom appointments, and built-in closet systems into the prefab one-bedroom home.

The compact structure features no hallways and plenty of green materials such as fiber cement siding, VOC-free paint, and energy-efficient appliances. That eco-friendly approach should play well with Ideabox's home customer base in Oregon.

Ideabox is promoting the 745-square foot house as having your own personal Euro designer flat, just in case you've been pining for a Euro designer flat.

This is a sweet proposition for anyone who's ever dreamed about moving into an Ikea store--or a nightmare for anyone who's spent hours trying to assemble an Ikea dresser only to have it come out looking like a bookcase.

Ikea Aktiv kitchen
How about some fermented Baltic herring to go along with your Swedish design? Ideabox

(Via the Daily Mail)

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