If I were a billionaire Juliette Binoche would have talked to me

Would Juliette Binoche want to talk with a billionaire open source person?

Juliette Binoche Wikicommons

Yesterday when going through Passport Control to board the Eurostar, I bumped into Juliette Binoche (of Chocolat fame) (or someone who looks and speaks exactly like her).

Whatever my kids might think, having one's picture on the Internet does not make someone famous. Not even their dad. Just ask Juliette.

I bumped into her when getting into the short line. She turned, looked at me, and then called to her friend in front of me in the line,

I think I'll just go to the executive lounge, instead.

...where I could not go, as she was in First Class and I was in Unwashed Masses Class. I should have told her not to bother - I'm happily married.

But I bet she would have wanted to talk to me in line if I were a billionaire. :-)

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