IE9 beta patches bring stability, feedback fixes

New updates to Microsoft's beta of Internet Explorer promise to bring better stability, along with fixing a bug that left some users unable to offer their feedback.

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The latest beta of Microsoft's upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser has two new fixes out that the company says will improve stability, as well as squash a feedback bug some users had been experiencing.

The stability fix, which rolled out as an automatic update to IE9 beta users mid-day yesterday, should address some of the issues users have had with the browser crashing. Microsoft did not go into detail on if this was tied to any specific usage behavior, or any add-ons, just that it "improves the reliability of Internet Explorer 9 Beta in various scenarios."

The feedback bug, on the other hand, was a more localized issue, affecting users on 64-bit machines with Windows Live Essentials 11 installed, who could not use IE9's built-in tool for sending feedback.

At last month's PDC, Microsoft said the beta of IE9 had been downloaded more than 10 million times in six weeks. Last week the company also rolled out another platform preview of IE9, the seventh so far.

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